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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

One of the many things I stressed over when planning my wedding was what gift can I get my ladies that truly shows how much I appreciate them. I wanted to do something original and not the typical clutch, picture frame, makeup bag, or necklace. I ended up doing three gifts.


Through my Pinterest pinning I stumbled upon Diamond Candles. In each candle is a ring ranging from $10-$5,000 in value.

If you subscribe to their emails at its actually pretty worth it. They have good coupons and don’t spam you with random stuff. I ended up using a coupon for buy two get one free which was perfect because I had three bridesmaids!

My bridesmaids were so happy with them I decided to get myself one a couple of weeks ago.

I had a $10 off coupon and a coupon for a free candle so I got two.

I was strategic with my $10 off coupon and went straight to their clearance section. Found this beautiful black raspberry vanilla candle.

Not only are these candles fun, they also smell AMAZING.

You don’t have to wait long for the candles to burn before getting the ring. They’re wrapped in tin foil and inside the foil they’re also protected by a baggie. The ring was a little big for me, and I’m not a fan of heart shaped things. But it was still fun to do.

With my free candle I ordered the Caramel Apple Cider. This one fills my house with a delicious caramel smell even when I’m not burning it. Again the ring was big(they’re all the same size, I believe an 8) and not my style. The rings also come with a reveal code so you can type it into the website and you can see how much your ring is worth! Both of mine were just $10.


My second bridesmaids’ gift was slightly more traditional. A monogrammed stemless wine glass from Things Remembered.

I apologize I don’t have the exact picture but this is very close. My glasses were clear, but I did use the animal print style for each girl’s initial.  One of my favorite things is leopard print so I wanted to have a touch of myself in the gift.  


I figured my ladies needed something to fill their glass and I also wanted a touch of something local. Duluth has a store called Duluth Kitchen Co with locally made products. One of their products is a tasty lemon drop martini mix. I know I didn’t get my ladies martini glasses, but I think they’ll survive drinking it from a wine glass. Again, I don’t have a photo and I apologize.

Maid of Honor

I wanted to do something special and quirky for my special and quirky maid of honor. She adores Harry Potter.

“My other ride is a Firebolt”

“Accio Coffee”

Snitch Necklace


Also, my husband got his groomsmen and ushers engraved ice fishing rods. He even surprised me with my own pink rod labeled “Bride”!


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