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Clean your Grout

Now that I own my home- I want to take care of it. It is, after all, an investment.

We were lucky enough to get a gorgeous master bathroom in our home. The tile is a bit dated, but that tub makes it worth it

Back to the dated tile though.

Said tile needs to be cleaned.

The photoed tile here isn’t so bad but the floor was getting pretty rough.

So, I went to Walmart to look for grout cleaner.

I’m not sure if grout cleaner is a thing, but I sure as heck didn’t find it.

After the help of google and wikiHow I figured it out!

First, I just used an off brand pine sole mix to wipe down the tile.

Then I sprayed vinegar over the tile, let it sit 10 minutes, and scrubbed it with a soft brush.

Third I made a paste with baking soda and a little bit of water and applied it to the tile.

It was fun watching it fizz!

I enjoyed the fizz for a couple minutes and then got to work.

This is where the magic happened.

Look at that!!!

Just scrubbed the grout with the soft brush.

Afterwords I wiped off the bakingsoda paste with a wet towel and wikiHow said to follow up with lemon juice.

So with a sponge I applied lemon juice to the grout- luckily I have a huge Sam’s Club container of lemon juice.

I just rinsed the tile with a wet, warm towel and that was it! Clean bathroom floors!


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