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DIY Wedding Shoes and Centerpieces

For those of you who don’t remember, our wedding was August 30th (2014). It was Labor Day weekend and my husband had school first thing that Tuesday. We are doing a two week honeymoon in January! I know people who cohabitate before marriage say not much changes after, which is true, but I feel so much happier! I just feel more validated. We’re doing the whole marriage thing: figuring out finances, getting our debts paid off, I cook and clean while he does car repairs, takes care of the dogs, and is getting his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

 I’m not going to say I had a DIY wedding, but I did make a my bridesmaid’s shoes and my centerpieces myself. My wedding colors were punch and glitter gold. For centerpieces I ordered awesome flower petals from  and bought clear vases at the dollar store. I covered the vases in glitter using mod podge.  It didn’t take very long but did make a bit of a mess. I did it all outside, and I still see pieces of glitter on the deck. I’d say it was worth it! I also placed votive candles in each vase.

It was impossible to find appropriate glitter shoes. So I decided if you can’t find it, make it! We found these white shoes at Payless and my girls said they were super comfortable. Which is a huge plus!

First brush a thin layer of mod podge over the shoe. I found it easier to apply it in sections.

Next, dumb the glitter on the shoe and tap off the extra. Continue until shoe is covered. Allow to dry and continue with a second layer if desired Seal the glitter with a layer of mod podge (see photo below)

The shoes held up pretty well except they got wet when we did photos at the shore of Lake Superior and the glitter started to peel off.

For the centerpieces its the same as the shoes! Easy as that!


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