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Glitter Silhouettes

This thanksgiving weekend I got a little antsy with all my PTO from work.

I already decorated my house for Christmas and was itching to do some more.

A few weeks ago the fiance’ took me hunting for the first time. No luck but I do

still have my dream buck in my mind.

So I decided to make something centered around my dream buck!

Glitter Bucks!

First I drew the outline of a buck on to canvas

 Then, I traced the outline with tacky glue

 Now the fun part! I decided to have the outline be pink and the rest gold. So I sprinkled pink glitter along the glued outline.

Then, shake off the glitter….

 Ta Da!!! Pink buck outline!


 Next I applied glue to the inside of the head and used a paint brush to spread the glue evenly.

I chose to do sections at a time, but I’m sure you could do it all at once.

 And the end result! I chose to make inverses of each other! Aren’t they beautiful? This makes me want to glitter-ize everything! Let me know what you choose to glitter-ize!


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