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Red Wine Spritzer

Friday we had an ugly sweater party at work.  At the end of the party the managers were kind enough to suprise us with the fact they had gotten each of us a wine bottle as a Christmas gift. How sweet! Each wine bottle was wrapped in red or white paper indicating what kind it was. We were then free to grab what we preferred. The only thing was they were random brands and kinds so we had to blindly choose. I am very picky when I comes to wine and when I unwrapped my Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot I was excited to try something new:

Wine Spritzer!

Pour ice in you glass

Toss in a handful of frozen berries- I had blue berries on hand.

Pour in one part wine and three parts flavored berry sparkling water.


With this particular wine, it is not sweet and usually I only like sweet wines. But this was brand new to me and I loved it!


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