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Doggy Birthday Party

Well, it happened. The winter blues got me, the boredom set in, and I threw my dog a party. Both our dogs are adopted so we don’t know their exact birthdate’s. Macy was 11 weeks old when we got her so we estimated January 15th 2012.

I know many people with dogs, but my house is small so I only invited two other dogs over along with their people. I thought about doing decorations, but knew the dogs wouldn’t really care about that. I kept it simple with a doggy cake, doggy bags, and tacos and cupcakes for people.

The cake was simple to make and wasn’t bad (Yes I tried it).

I found the recipe on Joanna Meyer’s blog

Each doggy got a goodie bag full of treats, a tennis ball, and shoe toy from the dollar store. It was a little ridiculous but all in all I believe everyone had a good time!






3 thoughts on “Doggy Birthday Party

  1. I love this new concept of yours. If the dogs could just say something they would have said- thankuuuuuu so much 😘 but i am sure they showed their feelings. They always do!


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