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Glitter Easter Eggs

I will glitter-ize anything I can. You got a taste of that with my DIY glitter wedding shoes and centerpieces blog. While everyone was busy dying eggs today I was busy glittering them!

I used my trusted friend, mod podge.

What you need:

Hard boiled eggs

modge podge


paint brush

plastic wrap

plastic/paper cups

I found it easiest to hold the eggs with a tong and paint a layer of mod podge on. I then placed the egg in a styrofoam cup and touched where i missed the mod podge. I then sprinkled glitter into the cup, I had two cups of glitter I gently rolled the egg back and forth between the two cups until the egg was well covered.

Allow at least an hour to dry. Then seal in glitter with a layer of mod podge.

I put plastic wrap down in the egg carton so it wouldn’t dry to the eggs.

I let the eggs dry about two hours.


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