Valentine’s Craft

My husband and I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day. Last year I was fishing with his entire family in a tiny fishouse for the weekend. The year before that I made a really nice steak dinner after I singed my eyelashes off lighting the propane grill. This year I bought us a 90 minute couple’s massage at Massage Envy. I’m very excited to get some rest and relaxation.

Over the weekend I visited my best friend who had her baby January 1st. We went on a shopping outing to a craft store to see what fun things we could make. We came up with a Valentine’s themed glass block.

We bought:

A glass block

Candy Hearts

Vinyl Stickers


It was a very simple craft. Just dump the candy in the block, burnish on the vinyl, and ta-da, you have a Valentine’s Glass Block!




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