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DIY Wedding Gift

About a year ago I was in my best friend’s wedding. I struggled with what to get her as a gift. I wanted to do something more creative than just picking off her registry. I know my best friend loves wine, and their new home had a cute little wine display rack. So I came up with the idea of customized wine bottles!

The bride’s photographer for her engagement photos is a mutual friend of ours and I asked if it would be ok if I used some of her photos for my project. She graciously agreed.

With the help of I was able to create stickers out of the photos.

I was also able to add text in which I typed the couple’s names and wedding date.

The minimum allows you to do is four stickers an image. You can get creative on what to do with your left over images. It was fairly inexpensive so I just went with it.

I purchased three wine bottles. It was fairly easy to remove the original wrapper and I used a wire scrubber to rid of any remaining glue.

I used two stickers for each bottle (same two images on each bottle. )

My stickers were 4.5X2.7 inches. I purchased wine in bottles that were 750 mL.


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