Bridal Shower Gift- Cuddle Kit For Two

I had a bridal shower to go to this weekend and most everything on the registry was purchased! I’ve never met the bride before (husband’s cousin who lives out of state) so it was hard to find something I knew she would like. I remembered a gift I had made for a bachelorette where I didn’t know the bride well and modified it a bit. It turned out beautifully! Who doesn’t love a snuggly blanket, champagne, and chocolate?

Pictured below is the bachelorette gift:

Bridal Lingerie, Candles, Godiva Chocolate, and Cook’s Champagne.

 For the Bridal Shower gift I swapped out the lingerie for a cuddly blanket:

I was inspired by The Dating Diva’s and you can even find a free printable label here http://www.thedatingdivas.com/romantic-rendezvous/cuddle-kit-for-two/


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